Guiding principles for building Calestous’ legacy in Port Victoria

  • Experimentation and learning—focus on activities/projects that will seed and build a belief in local learning and action; support collective learning by youth and women to collectively solve local problems, to build interdependence and remove over-dependence.
  • Leverage local content or inputs—projects should use local knowledge, infrastructure, young people’s energy, etc.
  • Add value to existing initiatives—build on promising existing local community efforts not duplicating and/or crowding out local initiatives.
  • Clearly articulate vision and resource limitations—manage local expectations by clearly articulating CJ’s virtues (humility and simplicity, building human capabilities to be interdependent, working toward the long-term public good rather than individual monetary gain.
  • Have a clear timeframe—projects aim to build local capacity to carry work forward, reflecting changing context and outcomes of other Legacy initiatives or projects
  • Keep Legacy initiatives as private, not-for-profit and not political.

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